We like to see things clearly defined by light and shade. Hence why providing light is at the very core of our work, it’s what drives us in the constant search for balance and harmony. Shedding perfect light on every aspect of life. With a wide range of lighting and light fittings, we create the ideal atmosphere for the home, guarantee visual comfort for employees at work, render shops and stands welcoming, and enhance the visibility of public facilities.
We are the go to lighting supplier for private individuals, architects, engineers and lighting designers who see Bot Lighting as the ideal solution for whichever project they’re undertaking.

We have just the right bulb to meet any of your needs, carefully selected with technological innovation and energy saving in mind. Hence why we offer a vast array of solutions, with a variety of shapes, bases, sources, power ratings and lighting efficiencies.

Do you want to move over to LED? There’s a whole world to discover. Do you love classical bulbs? We’ve got just what you need. Do you prefer solar power? Let’s protect the environment together.

Depending on the type of space, the desired ambiance and individual tastes and styles, we pride ourselves on being able to offer every single one of our customers the perfect solution. Our lamp catalogue is brimming with high quality technical solutions offering essential designs suitable for all manner of uses.

From office ceiling lights to table lamps, from floodlights to floor lamps, for internal or external purposes. With a range of accessories from torches to head lamps.