Technical Info

The total quantity of light emitted by a lamp, or luminous flux, is measured in lumens (lm). The number of lumen emitted is the basic parameter which allows the consumer to choose a lamp in relation to its intended use.
In lamps with directional emission, in addition to the total quantity of light emitted (lumen), also the maximum intensity is given in candelas (cd).
In lamps with directional emission the angle of the light beam is given in degrees.
The Watt (W) is the unit of measurement of absorbed electrical power. The consumption of the lamp is indicated to the left, while on the right is the consumption (higher) of a traditional source, whether incandescent or halogen, which produces an equivalent luminous flux.
A white light is characterised by the Colour Temperature, given in Kelvin (K). A warm light has a lower colour temperature, usually 2700-3000K, while a cold light has a high colour temperature (5000-6500K). The packaging gives both the description and the graduated scale with the exact value.
This indicates the time necessary to reach 60% of maximum light output.
This indicates the expected lifetime after which 50% of the lamps in a sample lot will have failed and is given in hours. In the case of LED lamps, the lamp is considered as having failed when the luminous flux drops by 30% Compared to initial values.
Accensioni e spegnimenti ripetuti possono danneggiare Ia Iampada. Viene riportato il numero di accensioni per cui Ia Iampada è collaudata.
Dimmerable or not.
Lamp suitable for use in luminaires with no glass protective shield. Use of LED bulbs is recommended in open luminaires to ensure correct ventilation.
Lamp with double fuse, internally mounted.
Lamp with directional type luminous flux.
Ambient temperature within which the luminaire operates correctly.
Luminaire with ingress protection rating IP20.
Luminaire with ingress protection rating IP44.
Luminaire with ingress protection rating IP65.
High colour rendering
Luminaire with earth/ground connection.
Luminaire that does not require earth/ground connection because double insulated.
Blister Pack
Connection to mains power possible
Luminaire with possibility of adjusting operating time
Luminaire with possibility of adjusting motion detection distance
Luminaire with microwave motion detector
Passive infrared sensor
Luminaire with automatic switching on and possibility of adjusting sensitivity to light
Connection to 12V car socket possible
Battery duration
Anti-mosquito lamp