BOT LIGHTING has been producing and distributing lighting and light fittings in partnership with the Finnish company AIRAM for almost 40 years.
With 30 agencies and approximately 2000 distributors throughout Italy, it is able to satisfy a wide range of consumer needs.
Bot Lighting has met the challenge of an ever-evolving market environment through a steadfast approach to technological innovation and design to create elegant and essential styles of the highest quality. The logistics department is equipped to offer a real-time service, supported by a transparent sales strategy aimed at ensuring efficient distribution. Competence, professionalism and dynamism are the key qualities that have fostered the development of beneficial client relationships based on mutual growth.
Bot Lighting offers a wide range of lighting and light fittings for both domestic and industrial use.
Available with the SHOT, AIRAM and KAI brands: LED lighting, indoor & outdoor LED light fittings, discharge lamps, incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, compact and non integrated energy saving lamps, ballasts and starters, batteries, fluorescent tubes and portable lighting devices for DIY use. As well as being extremely attractive with its colour scheme, the packaging is specifically designed to be easy to understand for the end user.

SHOT, setting the standard in today’s lighting sector. A vast array of products characterised by a wide variety of ranges and solutions, all encompassing the key principles and values on which the brand’s mission and approach are based: constant technological evolution, efficiency, energy saving, eco-friendliness. The pursuit for the ultimate level of customer satisfaction in terms of ergonomics, convenience and value for money.

KAI is Bot Lighting’s new brand dedicated to the domestic consumer market. The result of 40 years of experience in lighting, of investment and research aimed at bringing products to the market that are better designed to meet the needs of those they are created for.


Airam has been a strongly Finnish family business and lighting expert since 1921. Nowadays, Airam offers a comprehensive range of bulbs and luminaires for both consumer and professional lighting.