Personalize your lighting via APP

The ideal light for your home, office or business

  • Personalize your rooms with 16 million color combinations.
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere or change the lights to the beat of your favorite music.
  • Set your lights via Tuya app and the most popular voice assistants in the market.
  • Create your own scenarios for each situation.
  • Lights based on biorhythm: color temperature and dimming automatically adapt to the circadian rhythm as the hours of the day pass. The ideal light also for workers.
  • Daily schedule / sleep mode & amp; wake up: switch the lights on, off and dimmers automatically on preset days, even with timer.
  • Arrival - leaving the house and geolocation: automatic management of lights when you enter or leave the house via geolocation.
  • Integration with motion sensors: control lights via motion sensors or security kits based on compatible platforms. Random switching on of the lights to simulate your presence when you are out of the house.

  • RGB LEDs for complete color control.
  • Alexa and Google assistant: manage the lights with the skills of your favorite digital assistants.
  • Tuya system: control all your favorite devices within the Tuya platform.

For more details download the PDF brochure!

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